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tv   News  ABC  October 12, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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family and friends remember a teen gunned down. how to honor the teen. and thousands lace up shoes and head out for a weekend of fun. there is a running festival. thousands will be out there. a preview coming up on this friday. megan is off. we have the weekend to get through. friday a check of the cold forecast. hello again to lynette. >> we have chilly temperatures and it will get cold tonight. we had some freeze watches that we'll be talking about. right now this morning, no freeze watches but it is cold. the temperature in clarksville and 44. 39 degrees right now in frederick. and the radar is dry. we have we'll stay dry as we go throughout the day. it will move in.
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that will bring in clouds across the area. and a sun cloud mix and around 7:00 and sunshine and lunchtime. breezy and the high today coming in at 64 degrees. let's get a check of the traffic. good morning. >> and a chilly morning but many of us are waking up with a big smile. congrats to the orioles. and 95 this morning there are no delays here at 195. it will be nice and easy as we travel to dc and up towards the tunnels. this is what the expressway looks like in hunt valley and no delays here either. you are looking at a 22 minute rides from the maryland state line all the way to the beltway. up to towson and it will remain clear. we're looking at an 11 minute
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ride on the outer loop from 795 to 95. that's a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. and every time you see the headline it crushes your heart. five people dead in a house fire. we brought this to you. and we have more now on this family as loved ones are gathered to pick up the pieces. >> charlie a crowd of family came together to remember the fire victims after a grandmother and children were killed in an early morning fire. take a look at this picture out at the scene at 5601 denwood. you can see here there is a makeshift memorial with teddy bears, cars and flowers to remember the victims. a vigil was held at the home. classmates and teachers from the school crowded the sidewalk on den wood. people from all walks of life come together to comfort one another in a time of tragedy. investigators don't know what
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caused the fire t was at 2:00. people managed to escape. 5 did not make it out. the community is devastated by the loss. >> i hugged her, she lost a child. and i lost a child. i know that feeling if you never lost a kyle. you don't know the emptiness inside. i wanted to hold her and let her knee that i'm here and everyone was here for her. >> investigators say there were detectors inside the home and they're not sure if they were working properly. a teen shot to death will be remembered a vigil is being placed. she died on sunday and that vigil was announced with more than 13,000 likes. it is being held at bond streets at 6:30. police looking for the killer. and baltimore is
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remembering clarence mitchell and one of the political families mitchell served in the house and the senate and the leader of the civil rights movement in maryland. and he died after a battle with cancer and 72 years old. >> the meningitis outbreak left 14 dead across the u.s. and one here in maryland. there are 13 confirmed cases in the state and according to the cdc they started after tainted batches of shots were send out from the company. it has contacted 90% of the nearly 14,000 people possibly infected. experts say don't hold your breathe t is far from over. >> it is clear this is not over. there were more cases today than yesterday. two deaths and a state that's involved. and i expect we're going to see and deaths and states. >> there has been been a
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lawsuit filed. and the pharmacy surrendered its license. they were given at 8 clinics here in maryland. and playing soccer for a great cause. the blast now partnering with the family of the high school student who was shot back on the first day of school. >> goals for daniel kicks off to raise money for the medical costs. there will be a soccer marathon at the park from 2 to 6. all monies raised will go to the family. it will have the night for the first game on november 13th. part of the ticket sales will go toward the family and the ongoing medical treatment. >> and suicide attempt during a first period a student walked up put a gown to his head and pulled the trigger. southeast in the hospital as students in north dakota remain shocked and parents were called in by an alert system to pick up their kids. classes in that state and that the school will resume today. we may not get to see the
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list of the johns from a studio. two have filed a motion to stop the list of clients from being made public. the owner pleaded not guilty. and a mother bear and cubs caused a stir at a school in washington state on wednesday. an administrator spotted the animals and put the school on lock down. agents were especially brought in and had trained dogs to chase the bears away. news time is 5:36. one animal in a sticky situation. how animal control came to the rescue. look at this. get the guy out of the jar. what happened. >> and we to have a weather alert right now f you want to get the alerts to the phone a freeze watch go to the apps store. down load them. the freeze watch is in effect from late tonight. i'll be back, we'll talk about
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the bus stop forecast and the traffic coming up.
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this is no good.
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>> a raccoon and finally free this morning. crews tried to coax it down earlier this week but the animal is too afraid. the raccoon climbed down and was suspicious and climbed back up the pole. neighbors stood watch and hugged the pole and refused to come down. how does it refuse to come down? >> and you negotiate with it. the animal did come down and a group of on lookers were able to free him from the jar. >> all i can think about is winnie the pooh. >> we were talking about that. we were not sure if he got his head stuck in. >> his body stuck in and he was too fat and happy. >> good for pooh. >> let's talk about what is going on. >> for tomorrow now the running festival all morning long and it kicks off at 8:00. yes it will be chilly the runners know what to do. they will bundle up with sunshine. they got a facebook message yesterday hoping for some good weather and it will be stellar. heading out to the bus stop.
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this what we can expect and a chilly morning. temperature at 64 and a few more clouds and all in all it will be a nice looking day and better as we go into the weekend. let's get a check of traffic. good morning. >> good morning. >> pretty chilly out there and right now on 95 and moving to white march it will be clear and heading into the city. the expressway here in hunt valley nice and clear down to the beltway. this is a live look and in towson and everything delay free as well. from 95 all the way up to 83. that's a look at traffic. over to you. police officers are turning in their badge and weapons for an apron and serving tray. where you can catch maryland officers serving new unique ways.
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>> the town is getting ready for another event. live in baltimore t was the baltimore running festival that kicks off tomorrow. we have the details. we'll talk to a run they're lost 100 pounds for the race. barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven... so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment...
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that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven.
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if your plans clue time downtown you may want to rethink them. as thousands will pound the pavement for the running toil. this morning and linda so is out there. and will we see you lace up the sneakers and give it a run. i got the boots on it is cold. we're going to have the runners coming out here. we are expecting 27,000 runners in the race. the 12th annual baltimore running festival and joining us this morning will be one of those runners, special guy adam. you lost so much weight and now you have been doing this. >> i lost 130 pounds. and just fell in love with running and so this is my first one and well this race last year this is my first long distance race. the half marathon. it has been having a lot of fun. >> and what was the turning point for you. >> in july, my grandfather
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passed away after a battle with diabetes and the complications that go with that. and it is a kick start i need to change my life and fight obesity and get better. >> reporter: how did do you it? >> eating healthy and running. i started off one lap on a track or a quarter mile on a treadmill. i never thought in high school i would be running a marathon t was a huge -- it was a huge accomplishment. >> reporter: big one. so you will be running the half marathon. you are gearing up for a big place a month. >> i'm gearing up for arizona a november 18th. >> and so this is a warm up race. i didn't want to do it this year. i was thinking and the zoo t looks like a great race i don't have the time for the recovery for that.
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>> there is an example. you lost 130 pounds that's incredible. i mean really the biggest thing for me the support from my family and friends. i have gotten e-mails from people that you are doing -- how can i start thing. >> i have really i have said okay doing something new every day. trying to fight, fight obesity and get better. >> that's awesome. >> that's great. >> good luck tomorrow the half marathon. he is running that. lost 130 pounds over a year and a half t is incredible. tomorrow they expect 27,000 runners for the race. everything is kicking off at 8 in the morning. this is the finish line here. this parking lot will be happening tomorrow and the runners coming in. there will be plenty of entertainment. and if you come out to support and kicks off at 8.
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a big endorsement and the naacp president will come out supporting the legalization of same-sex marriage here in maryland. and if the initiative passes in november maryland will be the first state to legalize same- sex marriage by a popular vote. the time for 5 things you may want to know. police have not yet identified the body found seven miles from the home of a missing girl. she was 10 years old and disappeared a week ago after leaving her home to meet friends. the fbi is involved in the case. and closing arguments are set for today in the trial of a woman who admitted to beating her toddler and gluing her hands to the wall. they want a 45-year prison sentence. right now the endeavor is on a journey into the home at the california science center. it will make its way aleut a route where trees are removed and traffic lights had to be taken down to accommodate the
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massive shuttle. it will cost you more to mail a letter n january a first class forever stamp will now cost 46 cents. there is something else new for next year. the globele stamp for 1.10. you can mail it anywhere in the world. >> the nobel prize is not going to a person this year, it is going to a group. the european union won the award for 60 years of to the advancement of peace and human rights t is in the midof it a crisis since it was founded facing failing economies and the number of countries. a tall glass of clean fresh water is what is in store. that's the goal for baltimore city talking about improvements to the sewer system. and there are changes and clean water and it is proactive to meeting the goals t is meeting in the park. police officers from across the state are trading in cuffs for aprons. they will work at the red robin raising money for the special
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olympics. and working as part of the proceeds at the restaurant will go for a day at the special olympics a check of the forecast. lynette. >> we are chilly this morning, look at the 30 we have. 38 right now. jefferson and you are at 50 degrees. 45 and we can see 43 in shady side and denton at 45. and good morning to you. you are at 42. grab the coat as you head out the door. the winds now are on the light side. the calm side. as we go into the afternoon. this will change because it is going to get breezy. we will have that front that's going to move through. there it is there. back to the west. ahead showers mainly around new york and points to the north as we slide through our day and this will start to slice through the area with that, it will bring cloud cover and high pressure will move off the coast as well. now let's talk about the tropics. we're talking about the
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tropics. we have patty now the winds sustained at 40 miles an hour. moving slowly. you can see that direction as it slides down to the south around cuba as we go into monday. but it should be staying away from us. we'll keep our eyes peeled on this. the temperature at 64 degrees sun and clouds it is going to be breezy and cool and the temperature and by tonight. and it will be cold and temperature at 34 so with that. and we have a freeze watch tonight into tomorrow morning. and for the areas here shaded in all the purple. we're looking at hartford county and the south. it will be a cold evening and friday. i know you had big plans. bundle it up. i say that. it will be a cold evening. tomorrow that temperature at 59 degrees, it will be colder a great day for the running festival. this is a check of the forecast for you at we are looking good. we bounce the temperatures back up for the ravens game.
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let's get a check of traffic with lauren cook. >> good morning to you. if you are traveling in west baltimore we have an accident of the day. on north pulaski street at harlem. watch out for that. now using 95 here is a live look down at 395. everything is moving along. you are looking at a 15-minute drive all the way downtown. we pull up other drive times 695. no delays on the outer loop from 95 to 83. that will take you 11 minutes. and beltway now and the outer loop and 795. that's a look at time saver traffic. >> we heard this before our pets can have a special fence. and one family knows it is true. how a pet came to the rescue of a baby. i have never encountered such a burning sensation...
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until i had the shingles. it was like a red rash. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story, visit mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ too bad the guys aren't here
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you probably get frustrated when your dog jumps on your bed. but a family was thrilled when duke woke them because it saved their baby's life. the dog was shaking and something was not right because the animal would not go away.
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they went into the nursery to check on their daughter and found her not breathing. paramedics revived the baby. today she is fine. >> he is a perfect dog. he was meant to be ours. >> and because he was meant to be ourselves. he is a good boy. >> and duke was a rescue dog and shared the story because it inspires others to adopt dogs are in need. and we know it is hard to share the roads with bikers. who is behind a number of fake lanes popping that up is getting drivers confused. and you have to eat but we don't like standing in line at the market. a company now doing something about it. we'll tell what you they are doing to help your commute go smoother.
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coming together and coping with tragedy. the friends of a family killed in a house fire. they went at it for 90 minutes but did they say anything that would sway your vote. we'll look back at the vice presidential debate. and extra innings to force a game 5. would you


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